Top 10 Amazing Destinations For You In Andaman & Nicobar Island

In India, Andaman and Nicobar Island is the most popular tourist destination due to its ancient and historic islands. It became more famous for its serene shores, green landscapes, and its exotic marine life which makes it a must-visit for nature lovers. It is one of the spectacular tourist spots because of its most beautiful and attractive aquamarine water and the Andaman Sea. Tourists choose this spot for a change of pace and weather, picturesque sunsets, the sound of waves thrashing the shores unhindered, scrumptious seafood, and for a grand old time. No matter what reason you have to visit Andaman but you will have great fun and a relaxing vacation with your loved ones as there are numerous attractive places to visit. Are you planning to visit this paradise for the first time? Then just go through these top 10 amazing places in Andaman and Nicobar Island.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island is one of Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ most popular tourist destinations. It is renowned for its pristine nature, which is unrivaled in terms of untouched and unexplored natural beauty and virgin forests on the planet. It’s a startling combination of lush greenery, pristine white beaches, and a huge blue ocean body. Havelock has created luxury tourist resorts and hotels that pamper guests living in the midst of extreme natural beauty, owing to its growing popularity among visitors and travelers. It is the largest of all the islands and is a must-visit place in Andaman. Elephant Beach and Radhanagar Beach are the most beautiful places to visit and are the perfect setting spread against the primitive jungles. This is filled with a thousand sounds of jungle animals and birds so it is one of the most coveted destinations of not only Andaman’s but also of the world.

Neil Island

Neil Island is yet another beautiful natural paradise with white sand beaches and lush green forests. It is easily accessible from Port Blair or Havelock via a variety of daily ferry services. It has its own unique appeal and it resonated with millions of teeming wildlife with the most famous beaches, crystal clear waters, and exquisite corals. Apart from snorkeling and scuba diving, it also provides glass-bottom boat trips to tourists who are not brave enough to reach the water but still want to see the visually spectacular world of corals and fish.

Ross Island

Since India was under British rule, Ross Island has been home to a British Marine Surveyor named Sir Daniel Ross. As you go through the British period your tour of Ross Island becomes more fascinating with the beautiful historical places such as Church, Hospital, Bakery, Troop Barracks, Ballroom, Chief Commissioner’s House, Government House, etc. This is best known for its thick coconut trees, palm-lined beaches and look around for deer, peacock & ducks all around you and many tourists frequently visit 10-meter height circular lighthouse. This Island is just 2 kilometers away from port Blair and so can easily reach by boat in fifteen minutes.

North Bay Island

The North Bay Island encapsulates the essence of summer and sand. The Island is covered by crystal clear cyan-colored water that offers a magnificent underwater view. Dive a little deeper to see clownfish families and stonefish lurking behind the corals which are very spectacular. For all divers, particularly first-timers, the experience is a perfect blend of thrill and fun.

Apart from snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking, glass boat trips, and other water sports that are accessible on North Bay Island. It also offers the option of riding in a semi-submarine that takes you down to the ocean bed without placing your feet in the water. So it gives you the virtual feeling of being underwater as you are amazed by the variety of marine life. Make sure that, without a guide, no one is allowed to get into the water to protect the visitors from unwanted sea dwellers.

Baratang Island

Baratang Island is known for its beautiful secluded beaches, mangrove creeks, mud volcanoes, and limestone caves, all of which are exclusive and well worth seeing and attract a lot of travelers and tourists. For limestone cave exploration, guides are given, and you should get permission from the Andaman Forest Department. To get to the secret natural wonders of Baratang Island, one must travel through Andaman Island’s tribal inhabitations and this is the most adventurous and thrilling visit.

Viper Island

Viper Island has a reputation for being the site of inhumane treatment and torture of Indian freedom fighters during the British pre-independence era. The island’s name is said to come from the H.M.S. Viper ship, which landed in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 1789, carrying a Britisher called Archibald Blair. It was the jail where the national hero’s sacrificed their lives.

Ross And Smith Island

Ross and Smith are the twin islands that are connected by a sand bar that makes it extremely picturesque, so it attracts a lot of tourists from all across the world. During high tide, the sand bar is buried and resurfaces during low tide. The sand bar connects the two islands, making it easy to walk between them. Photograph the secluded beaches and stunning sunsets that the pair of islands are renowned for. If you’re fortunate, you could catch a glimpse of Olive Ridley Turtles breeding, hatching, and marching to the sea.

Cinque Island

It is a tropical paradise and is a more well-known island for its beauty. With its white-sand beaches, fascinating coral reefs, and vast azure seas, this island will be an eye-catching spot for those who visit. The rocky islets and sandbar that link the North and South Cinque Islands are visually delightful. Snorkeling and diving in peace and solitude are available on this island. Giant GTs, black marlins, and tiger Cobras will make for thrilling game fishing. Cinque Island is reached by chartered boats from Port Blair.

Jolly Buoy Island

Andaman is protected by the Andaman Administration and is part of the Mahatma Gandhi National Park’s Marine Sanctuary, along with Red Skin Island, which is a preserved area. The Jolly buoy is home to a small but dense tropical forest that covers 70% of the island and is easily trekked through with the assistance of a guide. Since the beach is only on one side of the island and the other sides open up to a cliff that ends in water, it is not recommended to stand near the jungle’s edge.

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