Andaman Covid Cases - Upadate on 23 June 2021 Corona Cases


New cases: 13

08 Contacts: 02 Airport Arrivals

Discharge: 15

Death: 0

Vaccinations: 1,44,213

2nd wave deaths: 65

Total confirmed cases: 7438

Total death toll: 127

TPM 1009040

Cumulative TPR 1.84%

Containment zones 02

The District Administration is closely monitoring the COVID situation in the South Andaman. Though there is a marginal dip in the positive cases, it is felt the administration cannot be complacent until there is a drastic reduction in the number of positive cases. 

The lockdown has extended in the entire District of South Andaman for the period of one week from June 22 to 28 2021.

*Shops selling essential items to be open from 6am – 1pm.

*Shops dealing with non-essential to be open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday between 6am – 1pm.

* Commercial vehicles such as Autos and Taxis are permitted to ply from 6am – 1pm.

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