Andaman Holiday Packages

Holiday means a leisure time spending with one’s family and friends. At present scenario, people are very much busy with daily work. Presently, as there is a huge lack of time in everyone’s hands, sometimes they don’t even get the chance to meet up with their close ones. Holiday gives them the only chance to be together with all their relatives and friends.
People love to travel to some tourist destination during their holidays. Most of the people want to visit some solitary places where they can be free from the hassle of their daily life and enjoy the holidays in a relaxed way with their family and friends.
Andaman and Nicobar Island is one of the most visited tour destination of India. Many people love to spend their holiday time with their family and closed ones in the beaches of Andaman.
Andaman and Nicobar Islands are full of nature’s wonder. It has vast sea as well as rivers and mountains. There are a huge number of islands which are divided by the Bay of Bengal. All the islands offer authentic spectacular and picaresque view.
Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a combination of a huge number of small islands. There are many wonderful beaches. All the beaches offer spectacular beauty. There is one of the world’s finest coral reefs in some of the islands. The only volcano of India is located at Andaman. You can find mud volcano also. Some island also offer limestone caves. Mangrove forests surround some of the beaches. Above all, the crystal clear sea water gives you a heavenly feeling. One can experience a large variety of birds in one of the islands.
It is a historical place. The Cellular Jail, located at the heart of the capital city Port Blair plays an important role in the freedom history of India. You can also enjoy the adventurous water rides at Andaman. There are many adventurous activities in different islands. People can enjoy scuba diving, elephant safari, snorkeling, glass boat riding on coral reefs and many more. In short, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a complete package of fun, leisure, adventure, peace and relaxation.
Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the perfect place for a quality holiday. Maharaja Travels offers an exciting holiday package to Andaman. We are the most entrusted travel agency who conduct a beneficial trip to Andaman. We let our clients to have well accommodation in an affordable range. We are a self maintained concern. We don’t depend on local agents of Andaman; rather we have our own agents in Andaman to help our clients in any circumstances during their stay in Andaman. We offer every activity in a moderate rate. We provide all the facilities including sight scenes, good accommodation, excellent food quality, good transport and all other facilities they need.
If someone is seriously interested to have a good trip to Andaman, Maharaja Travels is the best option they have. With Maharaja Travels, people can spend a quality time with their family and friends in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Andaman Holiday Package

Andaman Islands , A Sparkling Crystal In The Turquoise Waters of Bay Of Bengal , Will Fascinate You.

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3 Night & 4 Days

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4 Night & 5 Days

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5 Night & 6 Days

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How to Plan Andaman trip?

How to plan Andaman Trip?
It is difficult to plan a trip all by yourself. You have to take so many decisions regarding tickets, hotels, sights to visit, food and many other things. You have to take help of travel agencies. But there are many travel agencies out in the market. Everyone pretend their offers to be the cheapest. But you have to be very choosy in this matter as a wrong agency can ruin your beautiful memory. We’ll suggest you to visit our page. We are giving you a whole overview how to plan your Andaman trip.
Identify 3 most important things for you.
You have to be concerned about some certain things while planning for Andaman. You have to check the flight status if you’re planning to visit Andaman by air. You should book your tickets as early as possible; probably 72 – 90 days advance if possible. If you wish to travel by ship or cruise, you should check out the dockyard status. If you’re not getting the tickets according to your choice during your travel date, you can inform to the local travel agents. They have a booking of some numbers of tickets as backups.
Things you need to identify
To visit Andaman you have to clarify few details. Andaman and Nicobar have 572 islands. So you have to choose which places you really want to visit. You should have enough time in your hands to visit this place. Only 3 – 4 days are not enough to enjoy the exotic beauty of this place. Another important thing is your budget. You have to be very careful about your budget. You also have to decide in which kind of hotel you want to stay. You also have to be very specific about your kind of tour. Some want a business tour, some goes for a honeymoon, some set out just for relaxation, so you have to be detailed about that.
Where do most people visit?
Andaman is a land full of scenic beauty. Among all the places, people mostly visit to Port Blair (Capital of Andaman & Nicobar islands), Havelock Island (known for beach resorts and water activities) and Neil Island. Those who come for a long time period visit Baratang Island and Rangat in Middle Andaman. Some extend their journey to Chatham Island, the twin islands named Ross and Smith. Mayabandar, Diglipur also famous as tourist spots.
Which hotels or resorts have to select?
Hotel Velocity, Andaman Residency, Hotel Marine View, Hotel London, Hotel Adarsh, Vedant Residency, Hotel Anbu etc. are some famous hotels in Port Blair. Phoenix, Hotel ASM, Hotel Paradise, Raj Niwas, Aashina Hotel are some lodges those are even cheaper. These lodges might not have any websites, but they are good following for people looking for budgeted trips. V Knot residency and El Dorado is the first choice for people who wants to stay in Havelock Island. The cheapest rooms in any known resort are the NON AC Rooms, Eco Rooms or huts in Havelock Island. Pearl Park resort and Tango Resort NON AC Rooms are the best options in Neil Island. Coconut beach resort, Blue stone Lodge, Hotel Kingfisher is dead cheap but the room quality is not very good.
Can we stay in NON – AC rooms or Eco huts in the Andaman Islands? Are these hotels safe?
Yes, you can take shelter into an Eco hut or a Non – AC room. The rooms are clean and affordable. These places are the best choice for people who are planning for PADI course, which is extremely expensive as they don’t want to spend a lot of money on accommodation. And as the main revenue of Andaman comes from tourism, this place is very much safe for tourists. All the people of the island take a great care of the tourists.
Deluxe category hotel/resorts in Andaman
In Port Blair hotels like Sea Shell, Hotel Shompen, Hotel Rhishab, Hotel NK Internation, Hotel J, Hotel Haywizz, De Marina (Sea Facing Hotel), Silver Spring, Aparupa, Sun Sea, Blue Sea, Megapode Nest etc. will satisfy your taste. Havelock Island offers deluxe category hotels like Symphony Palms, Sea Shell, Holiday Inn Beach Resort, Blue Bird Beach Resort, Wild Orchid, Dolphin Resort, Cross Bill and Havelock Island Beach Resort which will satisfy your days of stay in Andaman.
Luxury category hotel/resorts in Andaman
Sea Princess beach resort, Sinclairs bay View, Peerless Sarovar, Fortune Resort Bay Island and Rose Valley Resort are the best options in Port Blair. In Havelock Island Silver Sand Beach Resort, Munjoh Ocean Resort and Barefoot, Coral Reef resort are there. At Neil Sea Shell will be the best choice for you. Apart from that, Pearl Park Beach Resort, TSG Neil, Silver Sand Resort at Neil, Sands Marina and Tango - Lagoon Room are also good.
Must visit attraction at the Andaman Islands
Jolly Bouy Island which opens only for 6 months in a year is the most visited spot in Port Blair. It is closed on Mondays. People visit Baratang Island except Monday as it is closed in Mondays. Chidia Tapu is open always. Ross Island can be visited except Wednesdays. You can visit North Bay Island any time as it is open always. People also visit Havelock Island Elephant Beach for Snorkeling. The way to reach here is by boat or by trekking for upto 40 Minutes from Havelock Jetty or can be reached via trekking. You can make a trip to Radhanagar Beach any day but before sunset. People also visit Laxmanpur Beach, Sitapur beach and Natural Bridge in Neil Island.
The best time to visit Diglipur is from December to March. The main attraction in Diglipur is the twin islands Ross and Smith, Saddle Park, Turtle nesting beach.
Must do activities in Andaman
If you have the budget, Andaman has a number of activities to offer. Scuba diving at Havelock Island is the famous attraction of Andaman. Apart from this, North Bay Island offers Sea Walk and there is Snorkeling at Jolly Buoy, Elephant Beach Trekking to Limestone caves and Fishing Trips from Baratang Island to Cinque Island is also famous.
How cheap is the Andaman Tour package
Ans. It depends on which travel agency you choose. You’ll get the best deal if you come in a group of 20 people. You can get discounts up to 40% on the package. For couples, the charges depend on the quality of hotel, duration of their stay and all. You should be aware whether the agency is providing you breakups. Breakups inform you how much you have to pay individually. A package depends on what do you do and where do you stay and how many days will you have.
Resorts/Hotels for Honeymoon package
If you want to go for honeymoon in Andaman, mentioned hotels are the best choice for you. In Port Blair, you can access De Marina, it has Sea Facing Rooms, apart from that, there are Hotel J, Hotel Shompen, Hotel Haywizz, Sinclairs, Megapode Nest, Sea Princess, Rose Valley and Peerless Sarovar. Havelock has Sea Shell, Symphony Palms, Silver Sand, Holiday Inn beach Resort, Cross Bill Resort, Munjoh, Coral Reef and Barefoot for the honeymoon couples. Neil offers Pearl Park Beach Resort and Sea Shell. Summer Sands and Silver Sand have raised their value in this era at present.
What to check?
The popularity of the brand and their accessibility. Ask for the open customization, if the agency is unable or refuse to provide the same, switch to another agency. Ask for the breakups so that you come to know what you are paying for what. Keep a relation with the local agencies as they are well accustomed with the current market value. Never make a mistake of taking a decision according to a friend’s suggestion as your taste can differ from them.
What is Maharaja Travels?
Maharaja Travels gives you an apt package for your Andaman tour. We’re giving tour packages for Andaman since years. Here we’re providing you all the necessary details about your trip. We’ve a great connection with the local mass so your trip will be hassle free. We provide honeymoon trip, family holidays and adventure trips. We provide discounts in hotels and resorts as much as possible except the peak season of December to January. We’ve our own vehicle, guides and representatives in Andaman. Other agencies don’t have any base in Andaman, so if you contact any other agencies, you’ll be handled by the local agencies at the end of the day. We expertise on Andaman and promise you to give the best quality service. So, if you planning a trip to Andaman do contact us, it’s our duty to make your memories beautiful.
Do I need a travel package?
Andaman is a very uncertain place. Anything can happen at any point of time. There can be sudden heavy rainfall, closing of an attraction, cancellation of ferries and cruise, anything can happen. You have to be prepared for all these circumstances. You have to know how to handle all these. Many times it is seen that people ends up by missing half of the attractions of the island. So we suggest a travel plan for those who want a hassle free trip. We are here to help you by all means. If you want the best memory in Andaman, you should come in our touch. Now it’s up to you…

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